What is anger?

It is one of the human action which leads to imalance in the society. No body can understand a person when he or she is angry. It often arises due to impatenve of a human being. Angry  people prefer generally prefer the shortcut. Angry people are quick in their action. Some times anger also means good because if this whole world is occupied by only good then there would be no place for bad. As yin an yang states that every action has equal and opposite reaction. Just as newton law states that when you hit a wall your hand hurts and wall deteriotes a little. Like the same way there are ying and yang which balances the power etween the evil and the good. There os very little benefits of being angry as according to me angry people generally prefer the hard way and our mouth speaks the truth when we are angry. When people smile i dont know ut i generally think that they lie in search of the truth. Ut this is little hard to understand. There are lots of disavantages of the angry people one angry people makes the other angry and the crowd angry. But if he or she is angry for a reason and he she is oing that then i dont think the other person has any reason to be angry. Some people just dont bother but they just keep on moving forward. So heres the question on how to balance angry and good ..? To do so we gotta have some positive forces as well as negative on our daily life. We must have a style of expressing ourself. An that style has to grow on a daily basis. Like auppose you write a post a day you must write it another day. It will make the other person unerstand our style and make he or she comfortable. Thank you and be angry for your style.


10 thoughts on “What is anger?

      1. Do you think it is true that if you do something bad, another bad thing will happen to you as a result, for example when you are angry, you may do something you wouldn’t otherwise do.


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