The Snake Man


Florida Sites We Have Seen

In the seventies and living in South Florida my wife and myself took a trip to the Miami Serpentarium Laboratories. There Bill Haast had a place like a mini zoo plus an area where he milked venomous snakes. He did this in front of you. I mean virtually in front of you. The table he placed the snakes on was only a few feet away from where you stood. There were no glass or other barriers in front of you to protect your person. He milked some of the most venomous snakes in the world. Kraits, rattlesnakes and the like. He used the venom for research and sent it to many facilities around the world.

He, himself, had suffered many snake bites. He survived because in his system was a mixture of a serum that he had created of antitoxins that counteracted the bites. In…

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