Baking spree: Spumoni Petit Fours Part 1: Make the Cakes

Reluctant food blogger

Trying to make petit fours has been on my short list for this blog for awhile now. At Christmas-time, I made Italian Rainbow Cookies, and I figured the process would be similar, although I didn’t want them to taste just like the almondy goodness of the rainbow cookies. I worked on some other projects, and continued to look for inspiration for an outside-the-box flavor combination to try. Around Valentine’s Day, when I was actually planning to try them out, I purchased some heart-shaped and square mini-cutters, thinking I would be able to use them to cut my sheet cakes into neat, little shapes to form the petit fours. Since I’m an event planner, getting them started before Valentine’s Day was a no-go, since I had 3 events happening at 2 locations that day. It worked out for the best though, because recently I was watching an episode of Food…

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