IRS Scam Costs Victims Thousands

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Americans are being warned of a scam in which people are being tricked into paying people who are impersonating Internal Revenue Service agents because they fear being arrested. The scam was first noticed by authorities in 2013, according to

They are very convincing when they call. They have a Washington phone number and can cite your financial history down to the cent, states CNN.

They say you’re under investigation, in danger of losing your home, or worse, your freedom — unless you pay thousands of dollars on the spot.

However, they’re not real. And you’re not in trouble.

Not unless you take it seriously – it is a scam.

Federal authorities say it’s the largest IRS impersonation scam they’ve ever seen — swindling victims out of more than $15 million since it began in 2013.

They have information that only the Internal Revenue Service would know about you,”…

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6 thoughts on “IRS Scam Costs Victims Thousands

  1. Scams are everywhere. I made a book called the Record Killer and tried to get it published. Everyone in the world wants to edit it and charge me money. Everyone wants money and therefore when they read it they glorified the work. Great and readable, send me money and I will get it out there. Most of them were not real. Just scam artists.


      1. They were trying to scam me into sending money and then were not going to do anything. Like the IRS people who are phony, they are in other countries and take advantage of innocent people.


      2. Because the world is full of people who do not know their a,b,c’s. People can be duped easily. Look at discounts, they raise the price and then give a discount so in reality it is the same price it was originally.


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