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What is anger?

It is one of the human action which leads to imalance in the society. No body can understand a person when he or she is angry. It often arises due to impatenve of a human being. Angry  people prefer generally prefer the shortcut. Angry people are quick in their action. Some times anger also means good because if this whole world is occupied by only good then there would be no place for bad. As yin an yang states that every action has equal and opposite reaction. Just as newton law states that when you hit a wall your hand hurts and wall deteriotes a little. Like the same way there are ying and yang which balances the power etween the evil and the good. There os very little benefits of being angry as according to me angry people generally prefer the hard way and our mouth speaks the truth when we are angry. When people smile i dont know ut i generally think that they lie in search of the truth. Ut this is little hard to understand. There are lots of disavantages of the angry people one angry people makes the other angry and the crowd angry. But if he or she is angry for a reason and he she is oing that then i dont think the other person has any reason to be angry. Some people just dont bother but they just keep on moving forward. So heres the question on how to balance angry and good ..? To do so we gotta have some positive forces as well as negative on our daily life. We must have a style of expressing ourself. An that style has to grow on a daily basis. Like auppose you write a post a day you must write it another day. It will make the other person unerstand our style and make he or she comfortable. Thank you and be angry for your style.

The Snake Man


Florida Sites We Have Seen

In the seventies and living in South Florida my wife and myself took a trip to the Miami Serpentarium Laboratories. There Bill Haast had a place like a mini zoo plus an area where he milked venomous snakes. He did this in front of you. I mean virtually in front of you. The table he placed the snakes on was only a few feet away from where you stood. There were no glass or other barriers in front of you to protect your person. He milked some of the most venomous snakes in the world. Kraits, rattlesnakes and the like. He used the venom for research and sent it to many facilities around the world.

He, himself, had suffered many snake bites. He survived because in his system was a mixture of a serum that he had created of antitoxins that counteracted the bites. In…

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homemade naturally

The body is frail but the heart is young!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  My mind has not come to realize that my body is aging so I have decided not to argue with it.  I will and do continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

No, I don’t parachute out of planes ( my nephew and daughter have tried to talk me into it but nope not for me), I am not crazy about heights but if there is some beautiful scenery to gaze upon I will do it.  As long as it doesn’t include jumping out of a plane.  That whole free falling feeling would definitely age me.

I live to learn and I learn to live and every day is an adventure.  I find if I can laugh at myself then it is a good day.  I had a chuckle at myself the…

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Animal Love

Mindfully Me

I have a confession: I use to eat meat. But at one point, I realized I was a big hypocrite. Here I was having pet chickens that I truly loved and then going to a local farm to help kill chickens to eat. I would be eating chicken while talking to my chickens. What was the difference? Why do we find it acceptable to eat a cow or pig and not a dog or cat? My husband and I agreed, overnight we went from eating meat with every meal to being vegan. Neither one of us ever looked back.

“One must not deliberately kill any living creature either by committing the act oneself, instructing others to kill, or approving of or participating in acts of killing. To completely abstain from the act of killing directly and indirectly, eat only pure vegetarian food.” ~ Buddhism

We have always either lived with…

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