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The body is frail but the heart is young!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  My mind has not come to realize that my body is aging so I have decided not to argue with it.  I will and do continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

No, I don’t parachute out of planes ( my nephew and daughter have tried to talk me into it but nope not for me), I am not crazy about heights but if there is some beautiful scenery to gaze upon I will do it.  As long as it doesn’t include jumping out of a plane.  That whole free falling feeling would definitely age me.

I live to learn and I learn to live and every day is an adventure.  I find if I can laugh at myself then it is a good day.  I had a chuckle at myself the…

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Animal Love

Mindfully Me

I have a confession: I use to eat meat. But at one point, I realized I was a big hypocrite. Here I was having pet chickens that I truly loved and then going to a local farm to help kill chickens to eat. I would be eating chicken while talking to my chickens. What was the difference? Why do we find it acceptable to eat a cow or pig and not a dog or cat? My husband and I agreed, overnight we went from eating meat with every meal to being vegan. Neither one of us ever looked back.

“One must not deliberately kill any living creature either by committing the act oneself, instructing others to kill, or approving of or participating in acts of killing. To completely abstain from the act of killing directly and indirectly, eat only pure vegetarian food.” ~ Buddhism

We have always either lived with…

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Baking spree: Spumoni Petit Fours Part 1: Make the Cakes

Reluctant food blogger

Trying to make petit fours has been on my short list for this blog for awhile now. At Christmas-time, I made Italian Rainbow Cookies, and I figured the process would be similar, although I didn’t want them to taste just like the almondy goodness of the rainbow cookies. I worked on some other projects, and continued to look for inspiration for an outside-the-box flavor combination to try. Around Valentine’s Day, when I was actually planning to try them out, I purchased some heart-shaped and square mini-cutters, thinking I would be able to use them to cut my sheet cakes into neat, little shapes to form the petit fours. Since I’m an event planner, getting them started before Valentine’s Day was a no-go, since I had 3 events happening at 2 locations that day. It worked out for the best though, because recently I was watching an episode of Food…

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Sunday Slideshow: process over product

that cynking feeling

After the success of last month’s Make It Take It project at the library, I didn’t want to miss taking Philip again this month. Since we were all out running errands on Saturday morning,  Peter joined us. He rolled his eyes a bit as I took each photo, but I just ignored him. He’d learn soon enough why it is important to document the process.

Miss Sheri, the volunteer who leads the craft, had set up a model of the Saint Patrick’s Day-themed project: a shamrock man. I pointed to it so Philip could see how he was supposed to draw a face on the large shamrock. He studied it carefully and then copied eyes and a mouth onto his own piece of green construction paper. He personalized it by turning the simple single-line smile into a mouth with teeth.

The next step was to take four strips of white paper and fold…

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13 Minutes

Value Added Life

13 minutes, 13 minutes to sit and find something to say, something interesting through the early morning eye blur. Find words, put them on “paper,” make up, then work, 13 minutes to describe a moment, a feeling. To find a flash of inspiration. To make these words come out less sluggishly, like wading through quick sand, to connect to the world, 13, Friday 13th, sign of things to come? Or just the vestiges of last night’s pair of beers, dancing like no one was watching, and the late night to early morning rise? Somewhere from within this sleeping body needs to awaken energy, enough for two hours of motivated teacher time, a feat that at 7am seems almost impossible. Why sit here if the effort seems unbearable? Because the pleasure in the routine and the act outweighs the pain of doing. Maybe not today but tomorrow or the…

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Dos and Don’ts of Travel With Small Humans

Mummy Spits the Dummy

So, a little while ago we went on a holiday. Not our usual two-hour-drive-to-stay-with-family holiday. A proper, get-passports-for-the-children, arrange-a-petsitter, crikey-we-really-need-some-more-adequate-suitcases holiday, to stay with some dear friends in fabulous Singapore. To say we loved our time there would be a massive understatement. To say we coped well with the process of getting ourselves there and back would be a massive lie.

That's just over seven hours of flying time, in case you're interested. How hard can it be? That’s just over seven hours of flying time, in case you’re interested. How hard can it be?

And so, in hopes that you may learn from my failings, here are some dos and don’ts for international travel with kids.

Don’t. Just don’t.

(Nah, I’m kidding. It wasn’t really that bad. Now seriously):

Do book your trip well in advance, so you have time to plan, prepare, and possibly panic before you leave.

Don’t forget that small children grow and develop at a surprising rate. So, hypothetically, if you booked…

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