Sunday Slideshow: process over product

that cynking feeling

After the success of last month’s Make It Take It project at the library, I didn’t want to miss taking Philip again this month. Since we were all out running errands on Saturday morning,  Peter joined us. He rolled his eyes a bit as I took each photo, but I just ignored him. He’d learn soon enough why it is important to document the process.

Miss Sheri, the volunteer who leads the craft, had set up a model of the Saint Patrick’s Day-themed project: a shamrock man. I pointed to it so Philip could see how he was supposed to draw a face on the large shamrock. He studied it carefully and then copied eyes and a mouth onto his own piece of green construction paper. He personalized it by turning the simple single-line smile into a mouth with teeth.

The next step was to take four strips of white paper and fold…

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