Under The Shadow of the Tien Shan Mountains

Is this some kind of Shadow ghost story.!!! The topic seems interesting @ aanasada

Diary Of A Traveller

Travelling through the Tien Shan Mountains in the middle of winter with my skis and snowshoes is something really special to me. Im always in love with mountains, it gives a sense of calmness in my soul and standing on top of a mountain, I feel nearer to heaven. Nothing between me and the blue sky and the stars, the clouds are moving below me, in the same direction of the blowing wind. Each of the elements here up in the high mountains is different than being on lowlands. The strong wind, the air that contains less oxygen, the smell and the quietness made me feel more aware of the right here and right now. It made me feel less about the worldy things and more aware about the existence, both inner and the outer world. After all, Im surrounded by the mother nature.


Travelling on my skis here in…

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