Spanish Animals 4/4

1. Select “the bull”,
i. el leon
ii. el toro
iii. el ratón
iv. el perro

II. Select “the lion”,
i. el león
ii. el ratón
iii. la tortuga
iv. el perro

III. Translate,
Spanish – el conejo
English – The rabbit

IV. Select “the mouse”,
i. el perro
ii. los patos
iii. el gato
iv. el ratón

V. Translate,
Spanish – el cerdo
English – The pig.

VI. Translate,
Spanish – el animal
English – The animal.

VII. Translate,
Spanish – el mono
English – the monkey.

VIII. Translate,
English – A Pig.
Spanish – Un cerdo.

Try yourself, Translate, Spanish – El animal
                                       English – …. .
Try yourself, Translate, Spanish – el mono
                                       English – …. .

IX. Translate, Spanish – el toro
                       English – the bull

X. Translate,
Spanish – el lión
English – The lion

XI. Translate,
Spanish – el un conejo
English – It is a rabbit.

XII. Translate,
English – The mouse drinks water.
Spanish – El ratón bebe agua.

XIII. Translate,
English – the bull.
Spanish – el toro.

XIV. Translate,
English – the lion
Spanish – el león.


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